A Call to Holiness

David Rall

Hebrews 12: 14-15

Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

Once, while traveling for work, I sat next to an older woman on a flight. The conversation turned to faith, and she shared with me the message she always leaves with people: “As Christ was being led to be crucified, they whipped him, beat him, spat on him and nailed him to a cross. There on the cross were two criminals with him. One continued to ridicule and curse him; the other showed compassion and sorrow. These two people represent all of humanity. Which represents you?”

During my connecting flight, I was in an empty row until the last few minutes when a young lady sat down. It was easy to start a conversation. A simple question about her children was all it took. She shared about how she loved her kids but had had to leave their father.

She was flying to Phoenix to meet her boyfriend. She confessed to feeling isolated and rejected at her church as a divorced woman. I shared the story of the woman at the well and told her that Jesus loves everyone no matter what has happened. I then relayed the story that the first woman had shared with me on the previous flight. I asked her which person represented her.

She finally smiled, telling me that I sounded just like her boyfriend. He had gotten her to start reading the Bible when they first met and continued reading it with her whenever they met. I asked her to share with me what they were reading. She did so excitedly, telling me what the passages meant to her. 

It was a quick flight, but as I was leaving baggage claim, I could hear her telling her boyfriend with joy in her voice about the conversation we’d had. 

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: How have the people I have met on my journey impacted my walk with Christ and brought me closer to him?