Center Stage

By: Steve Crocker

Song of Solomon 2:6, KJV

His left hand is under my head, and his right hand embraces me.

The marketplace is center stage for most of us. It’s where we perform in front of a live audience of people from our work, fellowship, family, friends, and even strangers. God is in each one of these circles under the Big Top. In fact, he owns the whole circus, doesn’t he? How can we not simply bow and offer our gratitude for the love and wisdom he has hidden in the simple moments and friendships we have?

Years ago, during very hard times, I was given a simple vision of dancing with the Lord. We were spotlighted on the dance floor of a small nightclub. He and I were dancing in front of an audience that was watching every step. The Lord would turn one way. I would turn another. His feet moved beautifully. I couldn’t keep up and my toes kept getting smashed. Some members of the audience began to laugh.

In my shame, I turned to the Lord. Speaking in a gentle, loving voice, he reassured me that those who were laughing were the ones who had never even tried to dance themselves. The real audience is made up of brothers and sisters who know how hard it is. They don’t laugh or ridicule. They are the ones who encourage, the ones who believe in us, who see us learning the steps and figuring out how to move without stumbling too much.

It takes a lot of time and practice to dance the dance. And all the time, we learn from his embrace. We make small adjustments, learn the soft turns and quick moves he makes, and learn to harmonize with his guiding presence. And having tried, we offer encouragement, even when others don’t know they are asking for it.


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Do I encourage or criticize others in their walk with Christ?