Checking In

By: Jon Cassady

Matthew 5:16

… let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. 

Our mission as Christians has always had an outward focus that includes being present and available to individuals, both at work and at home. I’ve experienced this firsthand while praying for others. When someone comes to mind, I check on them. A quick text or email saying, “Just checking in, how’s your day going?” often gets a response. 

Recently, one of my late-night text messages to a close Christian friend received a quick response. I was surprised because he had been avoiding my messages for more than three weeks. When he asked if I was available, I immediately said, “Of course”. He then disclosed a very personal challenge. My immediate reaction was negative. The choice and decision he had made upset me very much, but thankfully, I said nothing, just listened and began to pray silently.

This conversation lasted for almost an hour. He shared honestly, then asked me why I was so quiet. I said that I was there to listen. He said he was surprised I wasn’t judging him. He had been afraid to disclose his situation to me and had been avoiding me. He knew my beliefs and was worried I would convict him.

I had listened. Now I was bold, taking more risks in my comments. If he was to be convicted it could not be by me; it needed to be Christ in me. I was blessed that he asked me to pray with him before we ended our conversation. We’ve continued to have many conversations since his initial issue was disclosed. I’m blessed that he trusted me with an issue that was heavy on his heart.

We’re called to be available to others and to be Christ. What a blessing it is that our Father gives us individuals in our lives that we can be available to, not to judge but to be Christ. May we all be blessed in responding to our Father’s will by being bold and being Christ! 

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Am I checking in on my family, friends and coworkers? Do I make time to listen to them?