Christ Walks into a Bar...

John Mooney

Matthew 10:8

… Freely you have received; freely give.

In over forty years of walking in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I have had the great pleasure of freely giving away the power I received. I was prayed over after walking into a prayer meeting, not knowing anything about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Nothing in my life comes close to the power and grace this amazing light has infused into my soul. Jesus came alive in me and gave me power to freely give his Holy Spirit to others.

One day I was driving past a sports bar at noontime and felt that the Holy Spirit wanted me to go inside. I was not available in my heart as I pushed the thought aside and drove on. The voice without a voice pressed in on me – so I made one of my many “Holy Spirit u-turns” and went into the bar.

I sat at the far end alone, feeling stupid, not knowing why I was in this dark bar on a sunny day. A large man appeared in the doorway. He looked around, passed the many empty chairs and bar stools, sat next to me and introduced himself. Jim was a Roman Catholic who had studied to become a priest but had left the seminary and had many trials in his life.

We left together and in the parking lot, I asked Jim if I could pray with him for more power in the Holy Spirit. Jim looked around to see who was watching, then said, “Okay”. I put my hands on him and we prayed for power and grace in his life.

The next day I attended church and looked across the aisle — there was Jim with a Holy Spirit smile!

Eighteen months later, Jim was sitting next to me in church and said, “Thanks for being available to the Holy Spirit”.  

Freely we have received and therefore, there is an expectation of the Holy Spirit for us to bring others to the great gifts that came to us without cost.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Are you available to the Holy Spirit to freely give him to those whom God has sent into your life?