Cleaning Up the Mess

By: Ric Glover

1 Kings 19:11

… “Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord, for the Lord is about to pass by.”

During certain seasons I have difficulty breathing due to the wind, pollen, and dust. Compounding the issue is a large tree that continually fills our pool with leaves, requiring me to spend additional time outside cleaning on windy days. I love the tree because of the shade it provides but hate it because of the mess it creates.

My daily appointment with God is something I learned from CIC and my brothers. A recent experience reminded me of the importance of keeping this time.

One early Wednesday morning I was having a conversation with God while skimming a multitude of leaves off of the pool's surface. A feeling of frustration mounted and I felt tempted to curse the tree for making such a mess.

Then, I felt Jesus speak, saying, "It is a lot like me showing up daily every day to clean up the mess you and others make of the world my Father created." I finished cleaning the pool with thanksgiving for the lesson whispered in the still of the morning.

The pool will continue to be a mess for me to clean up as long as the tree is alive. But I will remember to thank Jesus for showing up every day to forgive my sins and for cleaning up the mess I create.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Do I remember to thank God for all things in my life including the mundane task that he may be using to teach me, if only I listen for his whispers?