By: Art Klaum

Galatians 2:20

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.

Have you ever been in work situations where you felt like the mountains in front of you looked so high that you would never overcome them? Have you ever had trouble getting started with a project that you just kept putting off? Have you ever missed deadlines in your work that had serious consequences?

When I think of my work life, I can certainly say “Yes” to all of these. I guess that’s why we call these situations “work”!  We have to toil and endure to overcome obstacles – even when we are the obstacle. In some situations, we may feel like we are being crucified (or would be) if we did not accomplish what we are “supposed to”.

Because of the fall in the Garden of Eden, man is required to work. Because of Jesus and his sacrifice to restore our relationship with our heavenly Father, we have the opportunity to choose how we endure our work lives. We can be points of light and hope or we can slog through our days with the people around us, carrying the burden.

Before I became a member of Christians in Commerce, I would have to say that I let the worries and frustrations of the world, especially work and money, control me.  In many cases, I thought it was because of me and my efforts that I was successful. I did what I had to do and took the credit. In some cases I was just going through the motions of doing what I had to do or was expected to do. I certainly did not feel like my role in the workplace was ordained by God. I don’t think that I necessarily felt like I was crucified, but I was certainly burdened.

Through CIC, God taught me that I have a role in his creation, especially the workplace. It is because of him that I am successful! By turning away from my selfish ambitions (dying to myself and being crucified with him) and being a servant in my workplace, my entire attitude toward work changed.

I still make mistakes. Last spring I had a big one. I was working on a number of projects and neglected to drive one of them. When it became obvious that we were not ready, I felt like I was going to be crucified in the biblical sense! However, I did not try to cover it up or hide from my responsibility. I committed to my boss that we would recover and accomplish what needed to get done. The conversation was uncomfortable, but I knew what I had to do.

As we go through the challenges and successes of our work lives, let us rely upon the Lord and hold fast to him.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Do I see my role in the workplace as being ordained by God to further his kingdom on earth?