Dig a Little Deeper

By: Jack McCall

Jeremiah 4:3

Break up your unplowed ground and do not sow among thorns.


Right away when I read this passage, I'm thinking about avoiding unapproachable sinners. Maybe this scripture is saying to hang out in holy places and sow God's word where it will be well received.  Maybe it means that I should preach to the unsaved, but not in sinful places. Maybe I'm just rationalizing the truth. I think it's asking me to look at my own unplowed ground.

God's word says, "Dig a little deeper, Jack. Return to your internal mirror." Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what's the meaning after all? Why do I resist the mirror? Because I really hear God saying, "Go within yourself, Jack. Plow up the sins that are nestled below the hardened surface of your heart. When I send you out to do my bidding, I want you to be without sin."

Do we have to be pure as the driven snow when we work for Jesus? That would be the goal, but at times it is a bit unrealistic. We are sinners yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sinners relate to sinners.

I think the key to this scripture for me, is that it challenges me to repent of my wrongdoing continuously, so I can experience the manifestation of God operating in me as often as possible. It is difficult to sow God's truth when the garden of my own soul is surrounded by the thorns of sin. 

By praying, reading the scriptures and fellowshipping with others who are working to do the same, it's much easier to break up my unplowed ground. 


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: How often do I stand in front of my internal mirror truthfully? Does the truth flourish in the garden of my soul, or am I still trying to sow among thorns?