Divine Appointments

By: Jack McCall

Ephesians 3:7

...l became a servant of this gospel by the gift of God’s grace given me through the working of his power.

When we agree to be God’s servants, we are not serving on our own power; it’s only by God’s own power and grave. I don’t say one day, “I will serve you, Lord” out of love and on the next day say, “I was only joking around with you, Lord.” He has chosen you and me to carry out his plan. If we say we will work for him until death, he hears that. That means we have signed on with him to get up each morning, meet with him for instruction and then carry his instructions out with servants’ hearts. I always end my prayer time by saying, “Show me an opportunity today and empower me to grab hold of it for you.”

I love engaging God in conversation during the day. I’m talking to him and waiting for answers as if we are connected at the hip. I used to worry about how to share my love for God with family, friends, customers or strangers. I’ve come to realize that if God wants me to grasp an opportunity for him, he’ll open that door. It’s not a question of God’s ability to use me; it’s a question of my willingness to be used. My days and weeks are filled with what I refer to as “divine appointments”. 

My wife went out with friends one afternoon, so I thought I’d entertain myself by going through some open houses. After viewing a number of homes, I came to the last one on my list. It didn’t really fit the parameters of what my wife and I were looking for, but I felt drawn to go inside. I introduced myself to the realtor and explained that we desired a home that would satisfy us beyond our already 40 years of marriage. The realtor became noticeably emotional. God’s anointing had pierced her heart when I had said, “Forty years of marriage.” I began to pray out loud for her. She then shared that her husband of many years was having an affair. God used me to minister to her in that moment. Then he told me who could best help her in the days to come.

Was it really about finding a home that day? No. Was it God’s grace that brought the two of us together? Yes. Was it God’s plan to use me? Yes. Was I willing to be used? Yes. Did I experience the anointing of his presence and the empowerment of his Spirit? Definitely. The old me would have said something like, “I’m so sorry to hear that” and walked away from the discomfort of the situation.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Am I making time for conversations with God on an ongoing basis? Am I open to the divine appointments he sets up for me? When I said, “yes” to serving God, was it just lip service?