Divine Silence

By: Gail Cardwell

Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I am God.


My mother’s favorite Christmas carol is O Holy Night. She would play it over and over again during the Christmas season. While it’s difficult to choose any carol as my favorite, I am drawn to Silent Night. When I kneel and stare at the crèche, I am overwhelmed with the Lord’s peace — the tranquility of the family before me — brought to this humble place by the grace of God. The humility of the manger, Mary holding her newborn, and Joseph’s deep commitment to the Lord are all cloaked in the sanctity of divine silence. Mary’s “fiat” demonstrates her complete trust in God. The unity and the harmony of the Holy Family at this moment — this snapshot of perfect trust in God — transcend all the trials of their journey and the earthly anxiety it brought to them.

As a working mother of two sons and spouse of a devoted husband for 23 years, I am constantly juggling schedules and my work and personal life. The economic downturn and high unemployment can lead to significant stress. These are the realities of today’s workplace. When I sense the “captivity of activity” taking over, I am reminded of the crèche scene. It wasn’t a mere need to perform on the job that the Holy Family faced — it was their entire future. They placed it in the Lord’s hands. The more I let go of my troubles and place them in God’s holy hands, the better I perform at home and at work. When I presented before my new CEO last year, I prayed for wisdom, humility and for confidence that only the Lord can bring to us. He blessed me with a good night’s sleep — a “silent night”— and the divine confidence I needed to perform. With the Lord in charge, my new CEO complimented me on my presentation. All glory to our Lord for making me still.


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Do I begin my day by giving thanks to God before rushing into my daily routine? When a particular problem seems insurmountable, do I place it in the Lord’s hands?