Finding Opportunities

By: Gary Brown

Matthew 6:33

But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides.


My business is based on commission. If I do not find new clients to help I do not get paid. So naturally, I spend considerable time asking God to bless my business.

My phone rang and the voice on the other end was rushed, almost urgent. Todd said he needed an insurance quote right away. As our conversation progressed it was clear he had traveled a difficult road and was currently in a difficult place. Securing insurance at an affordable price was just one of many current burdens he carried.

Todd mentioned a recent divorce. He still loved his ex-spouse but she and their three kids live several states away. He described a new career direction he was pursuing but expressed frustration with his inability to get his foot in the door. He was concerned about how long his modest savings would last without finding meaningful, full-time employment.

After Todd described his life and struggles, I asked whether he attended church. He replied, “Yes. All I can do is trust in God.” That opened a door. We spoke of God, church, our struggles, and faith. I invited him to CIC and have extended the invitation several times since, though he is yet to attend.

Following our conversation, I prayed and thanked God for bringing me a new client. During this time of prayer, the Holy Spirit gave me a message. It encouraged me to be less concerned about praying for new business, but to pray instead that God use the business as a way to witness to others.


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Am I aware of the opportunities to witness that God presents to me? In what ways can I improve in order to be a better witness to others?