A Fool for Christ

By: Jack McCall 

1 Corinthians 3:18 

Do not deceive yourselves. If any one of you thinks he is wise by the standards of this age, he should become a “fool” so that he may become wise.

Who in this world wants to become a fool? It sounds like backwards thinking. I believe the word “fool” in the above passage refers to a humble servant. We know what the world often does to humble servants though; it persecutes them physically and emotionally. In my experience, my pride and fear of persecution have caused me to avoid being a fool for Christ. I was the guy who used to judge the followers of Christ, especially when they would demonstrate their love for Him in ways that seemed foolish and out of this world. That’s the point; their acts of love on His behalf were not of this world, and therefore seemed foolish.

I worked very hard for two-thirds of my life hiding the fact that I was a Christian to avoid being judged or rejected. Little did I know though that true wisdom could be found by becoming a fool for Jesus! I’m not the sharpest pencil in the drawer when it comes to book knowledge, but the wisdom I’ve gained from being a fool for God will never be learned in a classroom. The wisdom God wants to impart to us comes through our willingness to rest in him, read his word, be sorry for our short comings, let go of our own agendas, and be available when He wants to use us. Working for God is not a hardship, but a blessing. 

The one example that sticks with me happened at a Christian conference. In my spirit I heard the Lord say to me, "Go up to the podium and I will give you a word to share with this audience." I resisted. Then I heard the Lord say, "Trust Me." “No problem”, I thought, as I started toward the front of the room. I was positive the Elders would send me back to my seat after finding out that I didn’t know what God wanted me to share. I was wrong! The Elder just waved me through. I stood at the microphone for what seemed like an eternity. I heard nothing from God and the crowd grew quieter with anticipation. Talk about feeling foolish! Then the Lord said to me, "Tell them to be fools for Me.”  So I said, "Be fools for Christ." As I was walking back to my seat, a man in the front row started to sob uncontrollably. That word and my willingness to be obedient to what I heard impacted a number of folks that day, including myself.

Why would a person put their worldly image at risk to be a fool for Jesus? Grace! When we become a fool for Christ we experience the grace of his work and our idea of foolishness becomes irrelevant.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: What risks did I take for Jesus yesterday? What risks will I be willing to take for him today or tomorrow? Will wisdom come to me through my humble service to God or will my pride keep me from being a fool?