Gifts and Talents

By: Kathye Burt

We have different gifts, according to the grace given us... (Romans 12:6a)


The winds of adversity have blown through my life for many years. I wasn’t blessed to be brought up in a Christ-centered home, but I have come to experience the reality that God has a purpose and plan to transform us.

In a time of desperation, I entered a biblically based 12-step co-dependency program at my church. One year later, the women’s leader stepped down and the new facilitator asked me to take her place. I had no special training, just a desire to serve God with a compassionate heart for women and the gift of encouragement in the Lord. After prayerfully considering, I said “yes” and began a 15-year ministry.

Most of the women who attended came out of emotional brokenness with very challenging and heart-wrenching situations. I found that the key to healing was accepting them right where they were in a trusting environment where they could be heard rather than “fixed”, speaking the truth in love when advice was asked for. During this time of service I have discovered that God’s Holy Spirit is alive and well and working in the lives and hearts of the many who placed their trust in him. I have seen that the circumstances didn’t always work out the way the women had hoped, but he was still walking with us through the hard times.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: What are my gifts and talents, and how is God calling me to use them?