A "God Incidence"

By: Mike Murray

John 16:24

Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.

One night my wife and I were discussing our finances. This month was going to be tight because of some unexpected expenses. I told her the company has not given raises since Hurricane Katrina. The economy and the housing market had yet to recover.

The next morning in my prayer time I asked the Lord for the right words and the right setting in which to ask my boss to put a raise for me in the budget for next year.  Later that morning I left the office to go to a meeting. When I got back there was an envelope on my desk.  I opened it and there was a note that read,”Don’t know what we’d do without you. You are a great asset the company. Wish it could be more.”  Attached was a pay raise; a $2,000.00 annual increase in my salary.  I said to myself,”How could this be? I haven’t even asked my boss yet!” Christ had gone before me on my behalf. He put it on my boss’s heart to give me a raise when he did. It was not the time of year for raises and, in my 23 years with the company, no one had ever received one outside of that time. My wife and I were moved to tears. 

As the holidays approached, I went to the Lord again and prayed, “Lord, I’m truly grateful for how you answered my prayer for finances, but Christmas is coming and we’ll need help.”  A week later my superiors decided to give Christmas bonuses based on each employee’s number of years with the company. I received a $1,500.00 bonus! My wife was overjoyed and I am so grateful. How great is our God that he hears our cries and meets our needs! This was not a series of coincidences. It was God listening and answering. 

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Think of a time when something occurred and you thought, “What a coincidence” instead of recognizing it as a “God incidence”. Thank the Lord for going before you to make the way, to answer your prayer, to anticipate your need. He was waiting for you to bring it to him in prayer. Encourage others to pray. He knows when we are in need. He wants to hear from us.