God Will Work

By: Doug Demetre

Psalm 118: 6, 8

The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid... It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.

Recently, we received a call from a man who wanted to use our Lease Option Company to sell his home. At our first meeting, as we talked about the business, the conversation turned to faith and the seller’s acknowledged lack thereof, but did not progress beyond that at the time.

While we quickly found a buyer, the process between buyer and seller was laborious and took many hours of contract writing and rewriting due to both parties’ issues. The transaction was taking our time away from other business and we were falling behind in needed income. We started to count on this transaction to make up the difference.

During the multiple daily conversations, it became clear that the seller was confused, lost and did not have the stability of faith. I realized that I too was fearful and not trusting the Lord for all he had to offer my family and me. After much prayer, I turned everything over to him - mind, body and soul - to trust him with all. Shortly afterwards, the buyer and seller realized they could not come to terms. The deal was cancelled.

The following Sunday, I received a call from the seller. We talked about the experience and he quickly stated he was feeling so desperate that he had even tried asking Jesus to come into his life. He said, “Nothing happened.” I pointed out that just desiring and being open to conversion is the important aspect. God will work.

For me this was confirmation that this transaction hadn’t been about the money or the deal; it was about trusting in God.

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