Hearing His Voice

By: Jack McCall

Habakkuk 2: 1 & 2

 I will look to see what he will say to me. Then the LORD replied, "Write down the revelation." 

I love the fact that God talks to us and does it in such ways that we know it's actually he who is speaking. He has been speaking to me for a lifetime and yet I only began hearing his voice about 20 years ago. Everyone asks if God's voice is actually audible to me. I say, "Only when he uses someone else's human voice!" Could I hear God in an audible voice? Sure! All things are possible with God and only made impossible by my disbelief or lack of faith. All I need to know that God is speaking to me through thoughts, visions, impressions, etc. is to ask him to confirm what I've heard. I think that's why journaling has become so important to me; it's written down. 

I was once on a weekend with a wonderful man who had lost his eyesight. I asked God if there was something I was being called to do to make our weekend retreat more appealing for those with disabilities. I didn't hear God say anything back to me that day. However, at our CIC Annual Conference that year, I suggested that our ministry make some CD's or tapes to assist the blind men and women wanting to attend the CIC weekend retreats. A man approached me and said he was connected to the Brail Institute and could help. The following week I attended a continuing education class with a man who is with the San Mateo County Council of the Blind and he said he could help. God had answered my question!

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Are the things we are doing for God coming from his voice or someone else's voice? Do we wait for affirmation of what we hear him saying or move forward on our own without his okay?