House of Prayer

By: Jack McCall

Isaiah 56:7

... for my house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples.

I have been blessed in the business God placed me in and have some of the most incredible customers, many whom I now call friends. I work with folks who are beyond caring in their relationships at the office and over the phone with those who rely on our services. I like that God challenges me to be a house of prayer for all peoples.

As I traveled around over the last couple weeks from business to business, God presented a number of opportunities to include him; he usually does. I am no longer shocked or frightened by the situations he brings me to or the circumstances he and I enter into together. I used to think it was happening because of the Christmas season, but know now that Jesus doesn't really have just one season or another. Jesus is ready to go all the time and excited about manifesting himself anywhere and everywhere he can. He's just looking for willing vessels like me.

I'd be a liar to say that doubt and anxiety don't affect my working in partnership with Jesus and following his lead. Maybe I've come to that place in our relationship that speaks the urgency of his purpose to my heart. I only know that I love him beyond words and want that for everyone who hasn't experienced it. I came late to the dance, but am hooked on the music now.

This week Jesus asked me to join him in praying with a lady sharing a hospital room with my mother-in-law, with a man sitting in the Emergency Room, with the mother of a young girl contemplating abortion, with a mother whose son is going to court, with my daughter for her friend's brain tumor, with a pastor whose mother has heart problems, with a customer's brother who is struggling with recovery, with a woman wanting more of Jesus in her life, with a daughter whose mother had an aneurism, with a businessman in the midst of litigation, and with a waitress… so far. There are still a couple of days left in the week!

It sounds like a lot, but there are so many opportunities missed because of those things I judge to be more important, like my own agenda.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Am I allowing Jesus a chance to make me a house of prayer for all peoples? How will I know Jesus’ plan for my day unless I sit with him to find out?