Humble Servants

By: John Ruzzo

Matthew 12:18

Behold, my servant whom I have chosen, my beloved in whom I delight…


I was a volunteer with a senior service program driving seniors to medical appointments. Most of the seniors were in their 80s or 90s. One of my clients, Irene, was 92 and a “stubborn Tennessean”, as she described herself. She had to go regularly to a hospital outpatient surgery clinic to monitor how her leg was healing after surgery.

The first time I took her to the clinic, I was walking slowly with her and paying attention to her. She was wearing an old black wool coat that had gotten wet and then never been dry-cleaned, so it smelled. Her age, appearance and demeanor would cause most people to ignore her or regard her with contempt. But I noticed, as we walked down the corridor, that people were looking over at her favorably.

Why was that? I believe it was because I was walking with her and paying attention to her. I was with her, treating her with respect and serving her, and that had an effect on the way others perceived her.

Being in CIC, my servant role is continually reinforced. I am an attorney. People typically hire attorneys when they’re in trouble or when they’re trying to prevent future trouble. Many attorneys regard themselves as being in the power position and therefore superior to those they serve.

Through Christ and CIC, I have been able to embrace and implement my goal of being a servant to my clients. I try to respond promptly to their needs. I am honest with them. I remember the time I forgot to call a client back. When we eventually spoke, I apologized simply, saying I just forgot. His reply was quick and kind. He didn’t berate me. Then it hit me; I had told the truth humbly and asked for forgiveness. I hadn’t made up some excuse.

I’m learning that it helps to be a humble servant to all in the marketplace.


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: How have you been or not been a humble servant? When and with whom is it most difficult for you to be a humble servant?