Knock and the Door Shall Be Opened

By: Gary Brown

Matthew 7:7

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.


Our chapter sponsors a Christmas celebration each December. Though fun, it requires a lot of planning and a lot of volunteer help. The first step is securing a location. In February, ten months early, we started our search to find the best location possible. I figured the effort would be quick and easy - a slam dunk. Who else reserves a location ten months in advance, anyway? Apparently, a lot of organizations do. 

To my complete surprise, virtually every door we knocked on was shut. Almost every location was already booked or the prices had risen above our comfort level. With each location found to be unavailable, concern set in. A CIC brother challenged and encouraged me to be hopeful and to trust God. After one month of calling around, our options appeared extremely limited.

We needed to lock in a venue before none were available, so I decided to sign a contract with a recreation center by week’s end. It wasn’t our preferred location, but it certainly was better than nothing.

The next day, my work phone rang. It was a hotel asking if my business was interested in using their facilities. The answer was no, but our CIC Christmas celebration came to mind. At no time had I ever considered a nice hotel to host our celebration, assuming the cost would be above our reach. But God can open doors we cannot. We signed a contract with the hotel.

We knocked on a lot of doors, but it was God who opened the right door at the right time!


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: What is your trust factor when it comes to relying upon God to supply all your needs? What areas of your life do you not trust God?