Lambs on the Prowl

By: Perry Benson

1 Peter 5:8

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 


Peter reminds us that the devil is on the prowl. I'm here to tell you that there are also lambs on the prowl, and they are looking for someone to bless; someone who needs encouragement or a friend; someone who is wondering whether cynicism and bitterness are the only responses to life's challenges; someone facing serious health issues for themselves or a loved one; someone wondering how long he can keep going.

These lambs keep their eyes wide open, their ears pricked up, all their senses attuned to needs that may appear around them during the day - needs that are often not spoken explicitly, but just hinted at. They catch a scent of something in the air and follow up on it with a gentleness that says, “It's OK if you want to tell me more.”  They know that friendship means patience and listening.  But they also have access to deep answers to life’s questions.

I know these lambs are out there, because I've met them.  They have ordinary names like Jack and Beverly and Nancy and Joe . . . a whole cloud of witnesses to their Lord Jesus and his saving work.  My heart races when I reflect on our past connections and speculate about what work they might be doing today.  I pray for their success in serving the needs they find. There is a lot riding on it. 

But I also pray that their hearts are filled with peace, whatever the apparent outcome of their efforts.  A man named Bill told me recently, “It is up to us to invite and up to the Lord to provide results.”

Pray for your brothers and sisters, past and present.  And don’t forget those future ones, the ones who are waiting for you to show them the way.


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Keep your eyes open, your ears pricked up, your senses attuned to the needs of those you encounter today. You are a lamb on the prowl, looking for someone to bless.