Making Christ Visible at Work

By: Walt Seale

I live in Indianapolis and work with teams of high school and college aged people who come during the summers to help us build community in a predominantly poor part of town. We’re often working to fix up older homes for our missionaries. We’re on a tight budget all of the time. Most of the money we have to spend has been donated to us or gathered up by hours and hours of fundraising activities.

As you might imagine, when we’re doing fix-it projects in very old and often run-down houses, we make frequent trips back and forth to the local mega-hardware store. Over the course of the past three summers, we have come to know many of the people who work in the store. One day, I was greeted by my first name by one of the employees. All of our teams wear our official summer program T-shirts that identify us as part of a Christian organization, and we also qualify for sales tax-exempt status. All of these interactions give us an opportunity to share who we are and what we’re up to.

On many occasions, those we interact with take the time to ask questions about our work. In turn, they share their experiences of working on various projects in the name of the Lord. Through these exchanges, we have come to recognize that we share a good deal more than just the place of business where we meet.

It’s encouraging for us to know that others are doing things on many fronts to serve the Lord, and it is encouraging for others to know that we’re here working in their community to extend the good and wise rule of the Lord. Business is business, but even so, we can show that the Lord is present and working to redeem the world through our interactions in the marketplace.