Mercy's Ambassadors

Steve Becker

*Adapted from Hope for the Workplace - Christ in You by Bill Dalgetty

2 Corinthians 5: 19-20

And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.

Bob was very experienced in the insurance industry and made a sizable investment in a new company. At first, the company did well. Eventually though, Bob and several other investors realized that one of the prinicipal partners, Steve, was not conducting business in an ethical way. As a result, Bob and the other investors withdrew their support, causing the company to go out of business and Bob to personally lose all of his investment.

Sometime later, Bob learned that Steve had been convicted of embezzlement in another business venture and sent to prison. Bob had a clear sense he was to personally go to the prison and visit Steve.

His first reaction was to resist. He was still angry with Steve. But, he chose to respond to the Lord’s leading.

When Bob walked into the visiting area, Steve was shocked to see him. It had been seven years. Tears came to his eyes. He couldn’t believe someone he had hurt so badly would come to visit him.

For his part, Bob found a different man. Steve wasn’t the glib and confident person he remembered. He was humble, admitting he needed to change. He had been attending a Bible study in prison and was now open to talking about the Lord.

Bob experienced compassion and kindness for Steve. He prayed with him and visited him several more times in prison to read scripture together and pray.

Bob knew that the Lord had brought them back together. While there was a long road ahead, this was as much about the Lord healing Bob’s own unforgiving heart as it was about Steve’s spiritual reconciliation. Bob knew God was touching him as well.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Is there someone who needs to experience God’s mercy through you?