Missionaries at Work

By: Kathleen Shaffer

2 Thessalonians 2:14

He called you to this through our gospel that you might share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We are all missionaries, whatever our occupations may be: mangers, secretaries, doctors. Last year’s CIC Annual Conference logo, “Missionaries at Work”, represents to us that this is our mission field. If I truly receive power from my relationship with Jesus, am I prepared to give it away?

I did not feel that I was struggling with idolatry in my personal or business life. I realized the idol God was convicting me of was my family. I was putting my children and my husband before my ability to surrender to him. Was I also doing this in my business associations?

This year God is calling me to true obedience in all aspects of my life. He is gently guiding me to evaluate my commitments to my daily devotionals, my church attendance and, most significantly, my business. What value does my little business bring to his kingdom?

Being a realtor during this recession has caused me to work with clients who are emotionally stressed and financially frantic. Our God is sovereign. He knows what they need. All I need to do is to begin the dialogue and the Holy Spirit will guide the conversation.

I spend many days counseling, guiding and just listening to customers. Sometimes I never even close that real estate deal; but I get a better deal — I get to be Jesus to them. God has blessed me with more business now since I have allowed him be my boss.

God will guide any conversation and enable us to share what is needed at the time. Tell people stories. Tell them where your life was before Jesus, how you found him, and how your life has changed. People love to hear stories with a happy ending.


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Do I recognize my workplace as part of God’s mission field? Do I take my role as a missionary seriously? In what ways, big or small, is God calling me to embrace this role more fully?