My Divine Appointment

By: Jack McCall

Luke 2:10 & 12

Do not be afraid……This will be a sign: you will find a baby wrapped in cloths.

In the above scripture, the angel is reassuring the shepherds by telling them not to be frightened; that they need only look for a sign. Have you ever looked for a sign of God’s presence in your life? Have you ever asked God to prove that the voice instructing you is actually his? I find myself asking God to not only show me a sign, but to affirm his sign with yet another sign.

Last December I went into the hospital for double hernia surgery. It seemed like every time I prayed about scheduling surgery, a new obstacle would creep into my life, blocking the necessary repairs. Finally, God presented me with an open window to take care of a nagging problem before it became an urgent matter.

I showed up to the hospital at 7:00am, as requested. I wasn’t fearful, but seemed to still be caught up in what would be done to/for me, instead of what God may be sending me to do for others. My Pre-Op nurses, Grace and GiGi, were all smiles and beyond funny. Very interesting; everyone serving me had a name starting with “G” including my surgeon and, most importantly, God.

I was in line for my ride to the operating room and had already prayed with my two newly appointed angels, Grace and GiGi. Enter a screaming one-month-old baby wrapped in cloths and ushered in by two concerned parents. I began praying silently for them and thought of the Holy Family during their first days in Bethlehem; unfamiliar surroundings and a ton of concerns. It was another sign for me that God really was present and that he had brought me here to be touched by him, but more importantly, to be used by him to touch those around me.

They whisked me into the operating room. By then the anesthetic had done its job. In recovery, my eyes opened to see another smiling angel; a nurse named Kari. She said, “Wow. I don’t usually see someone wake up this fast and be this alert after surgery.” It only took God a few short minutes to present an opportunity for Kari and me to pray together. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind as to why God chose that day and time to send me into surgery. I was released after spending an hour in recovery, but not without a big hug from this angel God had sent my way. The very next day, there was a card in the mail from Kari saying how meaningful our prayer had been.  

God is so amazing - so amazing! It’s humbling and exciting to serve a God with so much love for his people. I will forever be in awe of the peace found in each divine appointment God arranges for us and the signs that accompany them. 

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Am I keeping my eyes open for the signs God is showing me? Am I taking him with me on all of life’s “appointments”?