A New Creation

Sharla Heinzer

Galatians 6:15-16

... what counts is the new creation. Peace and mercy to all who follow this rule...

A new creation: trying something new, changing, giving up what is comfortable. How easy it is to keep our faith compartmentalized; take it with us to church, to CIC meetings and maybe let it show a bit in our volunteer work. Sometimes our fears get the best of us and prevent us from taking risks and stepping out for Christ.

One day, while playing tennis with some other business women at a neighborhood tennis club, Cecily, a newspaper publisher, asked me for printer recommendations for a promotional brochure. The Insider’s Guide would be promoting small businesses in our area through the Chamber of Commerce.

When I was back in my office I emailed her two recommendations of printers with whom I had worked and who would give competitive prices for her particular project. I shared that one of the companies was run by a woman named Susan and that I actually knew the owners from church and as neighbors. Susan’s husband, Dick, had passed away and had been well respected within the community. I provided a link to a biography of Dick:

Dick passed away in 2006 leaving a legacy of decency, integrity, and the belief that, given the chance, people are innately good. He lived by these words: “When the one great scorekeeper comes to write against your name it’s not about whether you won or lost but how you played the game”.

Later, Cecily shared that she was having her project printed by Susan. The biography was all she had to read to know that she wanted to do business with her company. I had stepped out and shared a bit of my faith, tried something new, and was rewarded with open doors to share my spirituality with a business associate.

What counts is that we begin to live a new way, focused on Christ. We change and develop new patterns of sharing, caring for and serving others. We become new creations.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: What can you change in your daily routine to become a new creation focused on Christ?