The New Woman

Susan Cabrera

John 7:24

Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.  

I belong to a nonprofit group that offers financial assistance to the needy for things like utilities and rent.  Before assisting them, we go in pairs to visit the home.

On one occasion, the lady requesting assistance let us in with a frown. Her daughter saw us, scowled, and retreated to a bedroom with two fellows. A man was lying on the floor blocking the sofa, so we couldn’t sit there. The dining room chairs and table were piled high with papers. The only empty seat was the woman’s easy chair. We stood awkwardly as she begrudgingly cleared off two chairs.

We reviewed her finances. She didn’t qualify for our assistance, but we offered to meet with her caseworker. She declined. Then, I asked if she’d like us to pray with her. To my surprise, she agreed. I closed my eyes, erased all judgment, and let the Holy Spirit fill me with words of encouragement for her household.

When we opened our eyes, we were taken aback by the new woman before us. She was beaming from ear to ear. She kindly asked, “Would you like some water?” We were in shock. We had never experienced such a startling transformation.

Our visit that day reminded me never to underestimate the power of prayer!

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: How often do we fail to see Christ in others because we are distracted by their appearance or material surroundings?