No Out-Giving God

By: Jack McCall

John 13:34-35  

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.  

It's a season filled with people who have needs, but there will never be a greater need than the need to be loved. Granted, I receive a tremendous amount of love from God through family and friends, but his love is also manifest through folks that I've never even met. It's almost as though, in our willingness to be used by God to love others, he dumps truckloads of love back on us! There's no way to out-give God.  

There's not a day in my life void of the manifestation of God’s love in my life. I am blessed to have close relationships with people who live on the streets, who suffer from different forms of oppression, who are in one form of recovery or another... The list goes on. At times it can be overwhelming, if I over think how God is using me, so I focus on what he wants to do next. I don’t try to get ahead of him or second guess him. I just keep my eyes and heart open, knowing there's no end to his work.

A friend of mine asked me if I would call and talk to a customer of his. He said that his customer was struggling with some fears and personal issues. The old me would have said, "No." When I was finally able to talk with this gentleman, it was as if God had gone before me and opened his heart to sharing with me. He wasn't raised in a faith, but at age 45 felt lost. He had a great wife, family, and material goods, but knew something was missing. He sounded exactly like me 25 years ago. That's probably why my friend sent him my way. I listened closely, shared my own story, and ended in prayer with him.

That week had been extremely busy for me at work and I'd been fighting a cold. No one would have blamed me should I have put this man off, but God asked me to call. I don't know why or if he will call me back. I only know that this man needed a touch from God and by being available as God's vessel I too was touched by God's love.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Has God sent anyone to you lately that is in need of his love? How did you react? Was God able to pour his love into this person? Were you seen as one of his disciples?