Opening Doors for Healing

By: Jennifer Ellis

Luke 4:40

At sunset, the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying his hands on each one, he healed them.


A few years ago, my dear father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. My first thought was to pray over him. My in-laws are devout Christians but I thought they might be uncomfortable with my praying over him, so I didn’t ask. Over time, I began praying with my mother-in-law when she was sad or distressed. She shared that she had prayed over my father-in-law before a procedure.

When he was in the hospital, I visited him and asked if I could read a scripture verse and pray with him. Later I got a call from my mother-in-law. She was so joyful and thanked me for praying with him when he had been in the hospital. God was opening doors for us to pray together.

One day, after he was home from the hospital, my children and my in-laws were all together at their house. I finally got bold enough to ask if we could all lay hands on him and pray. It was a beautiful experience. Now every time we are together we pray over him. We take turns leading prayer. We pray for healing, we pray for a miracle. We recognize that God has already been healing us and working miracles. Some have been physical, most have been spiritual.


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: What relationships in my life need healing?