By: Moira McGuinness

1 John 5: 4-5

For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one that believes that Jesus is the Son of God.


I have a small purse and a habit of losing or misplacing it. I always find it again, but I do not presume that God will always be so easy on me. On my way to the CIC Annual Conference last fall, I left my purse with all my identification on the airplane. I prayed and filed a report with the airline and the police, but I still worried throughout much of the conference.

I beat myself up mentally. Why did I not ask the person behind me to check under my seat when the thought popped into my head? Why had I not made copies of my driver’s license and other cards in my wallet? Why was I carrying all of my identification in one place? Slowly, though, the praise and worship and the inspiring talks about the Father’s love for each of us as sons and daughters began to sink in.

Midway through the conference, I had a thought. I told a sister that I thought the Father kept allowing me to lose my identification because he wanted to remind me that my true identity was in Christ. I resolved to reclaim my identity and my attitude began to change. By the end of the conference, I had total trust that I would be reunited with my purse and all my identification on my way home, and I was! I came home with a renewed sense of identity and a stronger faith in the Father’s personal love for me.


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Where have I overcome the world through faith in Christ? Are there areas in my life where I have let the world overcome me?