Peace and Reconciliation

Steve Smith

Romans 12:18

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

As a realtor, I often run into conflicts between buyers and sellers in the course of purchasing a home. In one recent transaction, a buyer had completed her due diligence and closed on a home that had been substantially remodeled in an older section of the city.

Upon moving in, she began having a number of issues with the plumbing. A more detailed inspection by a licensed plumber not only revealed defects, but that efforts had been made by the buyer to conceal those defects. There was a lot of anger towards the seller, fear about the cost of repairs, and uncertainty as to how to resolve this conflict.

I turned to the Lord and decided to ask for a face-to face meeting of all parties to air out the issues and see if reconciliation could take place.

The day of the meeting arrived, and I was prayed up and ready; my sole goal: peace and reconciliation.

After just ten minutes in the meeting, it was clear that the seller and their agent had no intention of taking responsibility for the defects and were determined to assert their claims at all costs.

It was tempting to explode with righteous indignation. Instead I promptly ended the meeting, thanked them for their consideration and walked out. I told my client that I would pay for the repairs. I explained to her that I was a steward of housing, working for our Father, and that my goal was peace and reconciliation.

My approach stunned her. She walked away rejoicing at the remarkable outcome.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: How does pride get in the way of serving others and living in peace with them?