Ripe for Harvest

By: Ron Belensky

John 4:35

Don’t you have a saying, “It’s still four months until harvest”? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.

In 2003 I came back to God and the church and thought that was enough. God had blessed me with skills in personal finance and budgeting and I applied those gifts for my own personal good and advancement, amassing a fairly decent sum of money for my retirement.

I assumed God had given me those gifts for my own benefit and gain, not realizing he had a greater plan. I did not consider that he could take it all away from me, and indeed he did. I lost my job and went through all my savings over the next six months.

With $500.00 to my name and $2,000.00 in bills for the month, I turned to God. He asked me to take my talents and serve others who needed help with their own budgeting and finances.

I obeyed. I now lead a financial ministry at my church and privately advise any who want and seek help. Along the way, God has also asked me to open my home to men who are going through hard times with divorce, unemployment or health issues. He has greatly blessed all these endeavors.

The more we make ourselves available for the harvest, the more often God will find ways to use us!

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: What gift God has given you to help with the harvest?