Sharing About Christ in the Office

By: Bill Dalgetty

2 Timothy 1:8

So do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord...


As Christians, one of the challenges we face in the workplace is discerning when it is appropriate to talk about Christ.

Lou is a program manager for a government contractor providing information and communications technology to federal agencies. Lou says, “It took quite some time to realize I can be Christ at work. At first I could not bring myself to talk about my faith, particularly when I was on site at a particular federal agency, but then I realized that I needed to overcome my fear and be bold when God gives me the opportunity.”

Lou reports that since then he has had many opportunities to share his life in Christ, including praying with and for co- workers, talking about what Christ has done for him, and explaining why he manages his staff the way he does.

One morning, before other employees had arrived for work, a co-worker came to Lou’s door and asked, “How do you pray? I know you’re religious and you pray.” He said he was traveling to Florida to visit his elderly father who was in the hospital and he wanted to pray with him. Lou had had the opportunity to talk with him in prior months about Christ. Lou said, “He was intrigued by my faith... We talked for about 45 minutes about his parents and how he could pray with his father.”

A few months ago, Lou had to remove a project manager reporting to him who was responsible for a major government contract and recommend that the man- ager be terminated. Following the termination, Lou took the team that had been working with the manager off site for dinner to talk about the circumstances sur- rounding the company’s action.

He explained he didn’t want the team engaging in any gossip or possible slander, which, Lou says, “led to a wonderful discussion about our lives.”

Lou says, “I had the opportunity to talk about my love of Christ and why I conduct myself the way I do. I told them I would pray for them. We set expectations as a team, and as we finished, each member of the team thanked me for our discussion.” Lou says, “Sharing Christ has become second nature.”

In reflecting on all of this, Lou said he is reminded of 2 Timothy 1:8, Do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord.

Lou says, “In addition to talking with co-workers and clients, I have had conversations with company presidents and government executives about my faith. I figure I will keep talking as long as there are people to listen to me. It is truly amazing what Christ does for us when we let him.”


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Am I acting on opportunities to share Christ when they present themselves?