Standing Firm

By: Doug Demetre

In the real estate business, there are major ups and downs financially. The challenge of living on 100% commission is not easy. At one point, when it seemed like there was no way to pay any of the upcoming bills, a high-end buyer was referred to me. After having negotiated a great purchase price on a home for this client, my buyer and seller met privately without my knowledge. The buyer asked me to raise the purchase price by a few hundred thousand dollars. My commission on the sale would be almost a year’s salary. I intuitively knew that the buyer was going to receive a kickback of a large sum of money. This was fraud on the part of my buyer’s lending bank and the general “comps” of homes in the area.

The deal would be enough money to take care of all of our bills. There were no other transactions in the near future. Furthermore, to sweeten the pot, this buyer and his associate asked me to become a full partner in their new real estate company, with the promise of hundreds of thousands in salary. For a split second I thought about it; but I knew what God wanted.

I informed the buyer that I knew what was going on and that I could no longer represent him if he wasn’t going to keep this a clean, full disclosure transaction. The buyer said he wanted to buy the home at the new higher price. The selling agent and I discussed the situation and prayed. We both came to the decision to terminate our relationships with our clients. Shortly thereafter, the buyer came under investigation by Federal authorities.

I knew that I had to trust that God would take care of us. Jesus didn’t tell his apostles, “Pick up your Lexus and throw a party”. He said, “Pick up your cross and follow me.”