Start a Revolution in Someone's Life

By: Steve Becker

John 16:13

But when he, the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth.

Speak a word that starts a revolution. My father died when I was 18. In the years that followed, I built a wall around myself to avoid being hurt again. Ten years later, a group of men, much like those in our Challenge Groups, asked me, “Will you let us love you?” I said, “No, but I want to.” My life, my marriage, and my relationships have never been the same since. That “word” started a revolution in my life.

Transformed by the Holy Spirit, formed like clay by the potter, and with the Lord’s love for those around us, we have the ability every day to speak a word that could start a revolution in someone’s life. Are we open to the Spirit of truth speaking his word through us in love?

Over the years, I’ve had to issue a lot of corrections to people I supervise. In Christ, I’ve found a new, empowering way to do this. It starts by realizing that God has this person on his heart. He loves this individual as much as he loves me, and what I have to do is just one of the many things he’s doing in his or her life. This is an opportunity to speak his word in love and see if it will start a revolution.

As his missionary, am I ready for this? My part is to communicate the message clearly and provide the best context in which it may be heard. For one thing, it means making sure I care about the person and have his or her best interests at heart.

As you can imagine, this requires a lot of courage and death to self. It was the same for those men more than 30 years ago. They stepped up to the plate and I owe them the life I have.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Whom do you know that could use a word of truth? Is this word clear to you? Is it from the Lord? How do you think he wants you to respond?