The Stories We Fail to Tell

By: John Daly

Psalm 51:17

My sacrifice, O God is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.


How easy it is to tell the stories of God’s power and healing in our lives when prayers have been answered! How difficult it is to tell of our failures to live the Christian life.

There have been far more times when I have fallen short of the mark in my journey with the Lord than when I have remained in step and hit the target. Those are the untold stories of brokenness and failure. Am I alone in this revelation, or does the ring of truth echo in your heart as you read these words? What do the stories we fail to tell look like?

In Luke 17:7, Jesus tells the story of the unworthy servant who comes in from the field and wants to eat supper after working all day. Instead of being fed and given rest, he is told that as a servant he should continue to work and prepare the meal for others. How many times have I come home from a day at work expecting to be relieved of my duties as a servant instead of serving those at home? Jesus is clear that we are servants 24/7 to everyone in our lives.

Jesus was always about doing his Father’s will, never his own. Even when unjustly arrested and brought before a court, he never defended himself or used his power to release himself from the journey to the cross. How many times have I defended my actions and justified myself to others when challenged? Instead of accepting hard truths or differing opinions, I have sought in my pride to justify myself rather than being a humble and loving example of Christ. Can I not remain kind and loving to everyone God has placed in my life?

Many years ago, a good Christian friend and mentor shared some wisdom he had learned in a difficult situation. He stated that almost all failures in the Christian life can be traced back to one simple common denominator, and that is simply a “failure to love” in any given situation.

I must recognize that sin, selfishness and the stories I fail to tell are truly failures to love; that Jesus is in me when I fail and when I succeed. He knows all my stories and I must turn to him for the grace to move forward. He came to save me, a sinner, and when my spirit is broken and I have a contrite heart he is ready to work through me in my weakness so he can be my strength.


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Are the stories of your life filled with God’s love?