An Unexpected Answer to Prayer

By: Jim Foudy

We read about it in the newspapers, but when a close friend loses his or her job — it hits home.

A couple of years back, a brother in our Palm Desert Chapter shared his story during his talk at our CIC meeting. He was an officer of a local bank for several years and in early September 2008 his supervisor called him in for a 4 PM meeting in her office. He asked her how he could best prepare for the meeting and she told him that he did not need to prepare. He realized it was very unusual to have a meeting at that hour, especially a meeting for which no preparation was required.

At the meeting, his teary-eyed supervisor informed him that the bank was eliminating his position immediately. Our brother was calm and after a moment of silence he told her that he and his wife had been praying for God’s guidance in their life and that this layoff appeared to be an answer to prayer. He told her he was hurt by the news but that if it was God’s will then he was sure it was for the best. He closed the meeting by wishing his supervisor well.

It took a great deal of faith for our brother to face this difficult situation with such grace. His faith in our Father’s provision gave him the strength to persevere in this difficult situation. The support we offer to each other is an important way to assist our brothers and sisters who are going through difficult times. Never underestimate the power of listening, loving care, prayer and faith!