Walk the Good Walk

By: Jack McCall

James 1:22 

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.   


There’s a big difference between believing God’s truth and living it. Too often, folks say one thing and do another. They remind me of myself! I continually have to go to scripture with my concerns and questions. More importantly, I have to reflect and pray about how I am applying God’s word to every aspect of my life.  My behavior has to match the way God’s word is asking me to behave. Preaching the truth while living a lie is not the way to follow Jesus. 

I can’t always be sure that what I hear preached at church is being lived out by those doing the preaching. I have to remember that preachers are human too. I’ve been to churches where I heard preaching on the power of the Holy Spirit with little or no evidence that this power was fully manifest in either the speaker or the community. How can we know that the word is alive and manifest in our lives? One word: Fruit! If the truth is being lived out it will bear fruit; fruit that lasts. There is plenty of truth in the Bible about spiritual battles, Satan, and evil. Too often, a preacher is afraid to tackle issues like these that make us uncomfortable or subject matter that challenges us to change. They would rather tiptoe around them.

When each of us signs on to follow Jesus, we draw a line in the sand, knowing quite well that we are no longer just involved in a religion. If we only read or listen to the “feel-good” parts of God’s word, we deceive ourselves and end up living only a partial truth. More often than not, his word asks me to move outside of my comfort zone and lay down my life for his truth. In order to do what the word says, I have to read all of it and live all of it.

Let us not be passive in our search for God’s truth. Before reading his word myself, I trusted other people who talked the good talk but were not walking the good walk. Don't trust me either. You don't know me from two dollars! Open your bibles, folks, and ask God to reveal his truth to you. Then, ask him to empower you to live out that truth for him. Talk to him directly and get your own answers. The last thing we want to hear when we come face to face with him is, "I don't know you.” It would be better to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Am I reading the word and doing what it says, or what others tell me to do? Am I seeking advice from people who are intimate with Jesus and living out the word? Is there evidence of God’s fruit being born in their lives?