Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth

By: Jack McCall

Acts 1:8

Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.

John 20:21

You will be my witnesses to the ends of the earth.

Jesus’ disciples were together in the upper room of someone’s house when he spoke these words. They joined together frequently in prayer and fellowship; a bunch of folks from the marketplace gathering together to build a deeper relationship with Jesus. He commissioned them the same way he’s commissioned us. He’s asking us to go out as his witnesses just as he asked each of them.

What is my definition of being a witness to the ends of the earth? At first I thought it meant only reaching out to people I could talk to within my comfort zone. Eventually, the truth broke through and I realized it meant witnessing to all people. God wanted me to give witness about how my intimate relationship with him had impacted my life. He wanted me to be able to share about the power of prayer and the importance of communicating with him all through the day. God’s asked me to share his story with individuals, small groups and large groups in the hope that some, if not all, will come to know him. I’ve shared about him in elevators, airplanes, stores, Jacuzzi’s, restaurants, at weddings, funerals, with family, friends, co-workers, customers and strangers.

He’s asked me to accept speaking opportunities when he knows that speaking in front of folks frightens me and called me into leadership positions when he knows I’d rather follow. He has introduced me to other church leaders though it stirred up my insecurity. He’s invited me to do radio interviews and to partner with other ministries in a joint effort to evangelize our cities. He has me write this weekly “Challenge” though most of what I write for him is in dire need of editing. Witnessing to the ends of the earth means allowing myself to continually be stretched so that more folks will come to know God intimately; so that none will be left behind.

I used to focus on the negative consequences of stepping out for God instead of the consequences of not stepping out for him; the reality that someone may miss Heaven due to my selfishness or fear.

When I asked God to help me with the subject matter for this writing, he said, “What would have happened if that first group of men and women disobeyed my commission?” It was a very powerful moment for me. What if they hadn’t obeyed God’s order to witness? One thing is for sure- we would be as lost as that one person who is still waiting for us to share Jesus and the saving grace of the cross.


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: What would each of us be doing if someone else hadn’t taken up the commission that’s been handed down over so many years? Are we keeping the Good News a secret?