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The kingdom of God is breaking out right in our midst, in our workplaces. You won’t hear about it on the evening network news. You won’t read about it in your local newspaper. But you will hear about it from members of Christians in Commerce. Here are just a few of the stories from the front lines of the workplace.

Christians in Commerce members share their workplace stories, reflections and testimonies of being Christ in the Workplace. Select a category to display abstracts from our ChristAlive Archives.

What's your story? Your story, your spiritual journey, is unique and powerful! Are you ready to tell it in 60 seconds or less when the time is right? Recently, our pastor challenged us to write and submit the story of our spiritual journey on the church website, using the three questions below.
“Affliction”, by Webster's definition, is "any cause of suffering." Wow! The word “suffering” opens us up to a very broad list of difficulties. Our first thought may be about physical pain or discomfort, but there are also emotional, psychological, and spiritual afflictions that surround us.
It suddenly hit me. I had been treating George based on behavior someone else had told me to expect rather than on anything I had seen. Instead of being Christ in the workplace and expecting the best, I was the “hammer”, expecting the worst!
At a CIC Challenge Group meeting, we talked about how difficult it can be to forgive someone who purposely and repeatedly sets out to hurt us, whether it’s at work or at home. We all agreed it’s a big challenge to follow the call to forgive “seventy times seven” as Jesus tells us (Matthew 18:21-22). We also agreed that unforgiveness can fester into bitterness, which then provides an opening for Satan to derail us.
As an element of the human condition, workers tolerate inequities because they need to support their families. This is our instinctive nature. But God tells us not to be afraid and to trust in his providence. Managers are responsible to serve as stewards to those placed under their dominion by th
The harvest is wherever I am. It doesn't matter if I'm healthy or sick, rich or poor, busy or not busy, working or on vacation, in the office or at home, in the mood or out of the mood, at church or not at church, or in good times or bad times. If God needs a harvester, I'm to be ready and available. How God uses me as a harvester or which harvest field I find myself in is his doing.
Kathy came to me through an employee who knew her. She was fresh out of prison and had served time for using and selling drugs. She had some 15-year-old work experience in aerospace but none of it applied to the advertising agency where I was the main steward.
My wife and I were driving home from our office when my cell phone rang. An employee, Ana, nervously informed me that the lobby of our drycleaners was full of customers, one of whom was very agitated. I could hear her in the background and the expletives were pretty harsh. I turned to my wife, took her hand and started praying...
What I read stunned me. It was a real challenge to put a “mirror” to myself and discover what was really on my heart about others. I’d like to share it with you and then offer another suggestion I’ve found very helpful...
When I opened our business in October of 1980, I was not walking with the Lord. I made sure everyone was aware of my success and knew I was the owner.