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The kingdom of God is breaking out right in our midst, in our workplaces. You won’t hear about it on the evening network news. You won’t read about it in your local newspaper. But you will hear about it from members of Christians in Commerce. Here are just a few of the stories from the front lines of the workplace.

Christians in Commerce members share their workplace stories, reflections and testimonies of being Christ in the Workplace. Select a category to display abstracts from our ChristAlive Archives.

A few years ago, a subcontractor filed a mechanics lien on a house I was building. The financing bank quickly halted any further disbursements, making it virtually impossible to finish the project. The house was headed to foreclosure even before it was completed!
We need mentoring. And we need mentors. In the greater realm of the Spirit, we need people to look up to who lead the way. Most importantly, we need people who respond to the call to shepherd others.
As Sean spoke, I wondered how it would be to start all over with nothing. How would I be able to take care of my family? Would I find work? Would I survive? Would I place my trust in the Lord?
I was finishing an interview with a business owner for an article I was to write about her art store. I saw photographs of her little dog wearing reindeer antlers that she used in her newspaper advertisements. Seeing that she was a dog-lover, I told her briefly about my recently deceased dog Charlie and how God had used Charlie's life to teach me something about his own character.
Our CIC chapter is blessed to have many fine speakers who deliver powerful talks. Several have been called upon to increase the frequency of their scheduled talks with the recent expansion of three new Phoenix area chapters. The incredible graces and spiritual breakthroughs are worth the time commitment necessary to properly prepare to honor God at our meetings.
In recent years, our company has experienced growth in sales and personnel. There are new, younger faces joining our team, with almost everyone in the company closer to my children’s ages. Through CIC, I continue to sense God’s calling me to be willing to bring his light and love to the workplace; to be willing to be a friendly servant.
As a member of the Salinas Valley Chapter for many years, I have been privileged to see into many men’s lives. My involvement in the various activities of our chapter, especially Challenge Weekends, has taught me much about myself, as well as about other men in our groups. What impresses me most about each member of the body is the variety of gifts God gives to us.
On a busy Saturday morning I was called to the front counter to placate an upset customer. I noticed that our lobby was full of female customers except for one gentleman holding a child. He asked if I was the owner. When I said, “Yes”, he threw a pair of pants at me, striking me in the chest. He then proceeded to loudly exclaim what a lousy business I operated.
My hands tightly gripped the metal sides of the car as we slowly climbed the long, steep hill of the rollercoaster. I had taken my two children, Jim and Molly, to our local amusement park to thank them for working for me all summer. We had waited 45 minutes in line to get on this ride. Now I was terrified and just wanted off.
We frequently speak about “being Christ”. Our mission statement reminds us that “we encourage and equip Christians to live the life of Christ by releasing the power of the Holy Spirit that is in them. We challenge them to be Christ to the people and circumstances in their workplaces by bringing his truth, love, healing, justice and excellence to the marketplace”.