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The kingdom of God is breaking out right in our midst, in our workplaces. You won’t hear about it on the evening network news. You won’t read about it in your local newspaper. But you will hear about it from members of Christians in Commerce. Here are just a few of the stories from the front lines of the workplace.

Christians in Commerce members share their workplace stories, reflections and testimonies of being Christ in the Workplace. Select a category to display abstracts from our ChristAlive Archives.

Before I was aware of CIC, I’d been looking for a group where I could be accountable spiritually and have a place to grow in the Lord. When first attending WCIC, I was touched by the women’s honesty, placing Christ first in their lives. I immediately felt their acceptance of me as one of them.
In the past, while I was seeking new employment, our Father blessed me with a renewed spirit of being present to the people, places and circumstances I encountered. I was very blessed by a deeper intimacy with our Father, which enabled me to spend more time in prayer and reflection.
Our real estate company went through major downsizing a few years ago from approximately twenty employees to the broker, my husband (Doug) and me... Doug and I knew we couldn’t work from home. We talked, looked for office space, and prayed about what we should do.
“Weary and burdened” is a great description for most of us in our flawed and fallen world. All of us have challenges we’re faced with. Some burdens seem overwhelming and just don’t go away.
Do you go into the marketplace by choice? Cheerfully? Committed? If you have an unpleasant task ahead, how does it affect your attitude?
As a sole proprietor with a niche market in the hard-hit tourism and hospitality industry, it was difficult to meet my financial obligations. Business opportunities shrank and I had to make a significant financial investment to develop my skills new areas in order to appeal to additional markets. I wasn't alone.
About eight years ago I approached a colleague about attending a Challenge Weekend. I had and still have a high regard for this person as a committed and unselfish professional... But his reaction to my suggestion surprised me...
It is so hard to stand our ground when it comes to telling the truth in business. Being the people-pleaser and winning at all costs has become very popular in today's society. Unfortunately, it often comes with a costly spiritual price tag.
Recently I was asked to give witness to a group attending our church retreat using this passage as inspiration. Four years earlier, I had given a talk on gratitude after having been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. It had occurred to me that we are also to be grateful for all challenges, including those at work.
Old habits die hard. Growing up, the manner of speaking among my peers was anything but wholesome. We made an ongoing game of ridiculing each other for all manner of defects, real and imagined... We might have said it was all in good fun and without malice, but I’ve since learned that no matter the design, words have power beyond our intentions.