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The kingdom of God is breaking out right in our midst, in our workplaces. You won’t hear about it on the evening network news. You won’t read about it in your local newspaper. But you will hear about it from members of Christians in Commerce. Here are just a few of the stories from the front lines of the workplace.

Christians in Commerce members share their workplace stories, reflections and testimonies of being Christ in the Workplace. Select a category to display abstracts from our ChristAlive Archives.

Today’s culture is identified with individualism, self-gratification, and moral relativism... This is not the way that God calls us to live. He calls us to live a life of community, humility, and living as he commands.
The blessedness the beatitudes talk about is having found the greatest good; the good we all seek and for which we are made. Blessedness is not subjective, it is objective. It is permanent and not fleeting; it is where we reside dependent on both God's grace and our choices.
I love the fact that God talks to us and does it in such ways that we know it's actually he who is speaking. He has been speaking to me for a lifetime and yet I only began hearing his voice about 20 years ago...
When faced with a difficult situation, do you find yourself relying on your own resources, or do you immediately turn to the Lord and ask for help? After you ask for help, do you trust that it will come?
Over the past few years, like many of you, I experienced an office consolidation that brought a sister company’s personnel into my office space. This put me in almost daily contact with people that I had only met on a few occasions. Recently, I have gotten to know one man who sits in the office next to mine.
As a child my parents told me, “Nothing good comes out of your mouth when you are upset or angry. Nothing gets resolved amicably, nobody goes away feeling better, and surely no meaningful wisdom is conveyed or received.” They were right.
I asked Annie, “Do you know what happened to Michael’s bottle? Part of it is missing.” She looked at me worriedly and replied, “I fed it to Cole but halfway through, I realized what I was doing and got the right bottle." We both knew we had a big problem; big enough to lose a job over.
This is the third time God speaks to Joseph through an angel in a dream. The first time was to tell him to take Mary as his wife after he had decided to divorce her quietly because she was pregnant. The second time was to flee to Egypt to escape Herod’s efforts to kill the child Jesus. The third time was to return to Israel when it was safe...
Our relationships with other brothers and sisters in Christ, such as those in our Challenge Groups, can be sources of light in our lives if we allow the truth to reign in them and trust each other by being transparent. So many times I experience the light of truth shining forth in my brothers when I reveal some personal or professional struggle that confounds my understanding...
I like that God challenges me to be a house of prayer for all peoples. As I traveled around over the last couple weeks from business to business, God presented a number of opportunities to include him; he usually does. I am no longer shocked or frightened by the situations he brings me to or the circumstances he and I enter into together...