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The kingdom of God is breaking out right in our midst, in our workplaces. You won’t hear about it on the evening network news. You won’t read about it in your local newspaper. But you will hear about it from members of Christians in Commerce. Here are just a few of the stories from the front lines of the workplace.

Christians in Commerce members share their workplace stories, reflections and testimonies of being Christ in the Workplace. Select a category to display abstracts from our ChristAlive Archives.

One night my wife and I were discussing our finances. This month was going to be tight because of some unexpected expenses. I told her the company has not given raises since Hurricane Katrina. The economy and the housing market had yet to recover.
I know where the attack comes from and it usually shows up right before or during some grand opportunity to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Was my trust in the Lord slipping a bit? Possibly! At times, it can be difficult to remember that my trials (big and small) are faith builders and that they can help draw me even closer to God.
At the end of the year, there were two things of which I was certain: First, that I was not where God wanted me; second, that he still loved me. I did not know what work he had in mind for me, but I knew I would figure it out as long as I remained open to him, prayed for guidance and grace, and believed in the one he sent, Jesus Christ.
Small talk is not my comfort zone. While I don’t have too much trouble speaking to large groups, I’m far less comfortable with the one-to-one, especially when meeting new people...
We are all missionaries, whatever our occupations may be: mangers, secretaries, doctors. Last year’s CIC Annual Conference logo, “Missionaries at Work”, represents to us that this is our mission field. If I truly receive power from my relationship with Jesus, am I prepared to give it away?
I asked Jim, a longtime friend and Christian brother, if he had experienced God’s presence in getting the new company up and running. He said, “Like breathing oxygen, all the time. Starting any new venture entails risk. Living through the risk is where I most felt the Lord’s presence. The economic downturn both increased our risk and made the Lord’s hand more visible.” Jim then shared the following examples...
Almost immediately, I sensed that I was supposed to get over to Burt and ask if I could pray over him for healing. After being around CIC for 25+ years, it’s almost second nature for me to pray over those in need. We are indeed called to drop whatever we are doing and pray whenever the opportunity presents itself. But in this case, I began to think that praying over Burt might seem a little weird...
Doug and his family were struggling to get by in a failing economy. Suddenly, an offer comes along that would make him almost a year's salary for one transaction! The catch? It's fraud.
I want to share about two young men with whom I used to work who are living out the truth of Christianity in some very challenging times. They are building their lives on the rock and putting his truth into practice.
After being on ice for four days, a quadruple bypass surgery was performed successfully. I was released five days later. I ultimately located my “angel” and thanked him.