Christians in Commerce, an Ecumenical Ministry

Christians in Commerce, an Ecumenical Ministry

Christians in Commerce (CIC) is an ecumenical ministry, meaning CIC brothers and sisters are often from many Christian denominations. We acknowledge and respect the differences among those backgrounds and we respect the individuals in their particular denominational beliefs.

When facing doctrinal division in our relationships, we need to redouble our efforts to be faithful to the call God has for each of us, to be humble in speech and to maintain the bond of unity in Christ.

The term "ecumenical" indicates the initiatives and activities undertaken to promote Christian unity. True unity can only come from shared respect for, and authentic understanding of each person’s faith tradition. It is the role and work of the Holy Spirit that this understanding has enabled CIC to have a 30+ year track record of bringing together people from many different denominations.  The role of the Holy Spirit helps us walk with Christ more faithfully, while still maintaining the unique aspects of denominational differences.

Here are some helpful ecumenical guidelines we encourage our membership to consider:

  1. Don’t assume that everyone you are speaking to is the same denomination as you or that they understand your faith as you do.
  2. Share openly and honestly about your faith without trying to demean the beliefs of others.
  3. As others share, recognize that they may have views and perspectives very different from yours. Listen with respect and understanding.
  4. In discussion, emphasize the practice of daily Christian life rather than specific devotional practices. We don’t need to hide our devotional activity from one another, but our goal is to talk about the way we actually live life out.
  5. In reality, there is far more that Christians share in common than that which divides us.

When ecumenical ministries operate prudently and patiently they promote justice and truth, concord and collaboration, as well as the spirit of brotherly/sisterly love and unity. CIC is an embodiment of this love among Christians, and its fruit is the baptizing of the secular workplace, one faithful individual at a time.

Here are some reference materials of interest: