Day of Renewal - November 19, 2016

Northern Virginia Women’s Chapter Conducts Day of Renewal

Front row: Left to Right: Moira McGuinness, Jeanne Belmonte, Katherine Rodriguez

Back row: Left to Right: Shirley Yong, Sylvia Harris, Therese McNichol Gail Cardwell, Cathy Wafo and Alicia Cassell

On November 19, 2016, all nine active members of the Northern Virginia (NOVA) Women’s CIC Chapter participated in a Day of Renewal in Falls Church, Virginia.  The theme of the day was transformation – transformation of the individual, of our places of employment and of the chapter itself – to live out the Father’s vision for us to be Christ in the workplace. 

The day began with a Scripture reading from Romans 12:2, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,” followed by praise and worship.

All members listened to the video of Louie Grams’ enlightening talk regarding CIC’s formation prior to the Day of Renewal.  This foundational talk was bolstered by a presentation from CIC staff outlining the role of CIC, with highlights from the new “Working for Our Father” initiative.  CIC sisters gathered to listen to two personal testimonies from NOVA Chapter members describing their transformations as individuals and leaders in the workplace.  Prayer and self-reflection, as well as discussion groups followed each of the two personal stories.  The program ended with a talk outlining the CIC chapter governance structure. 

The Day of Renewal emphasized the importance of sisterhood in Christ and how the chapter meetings serve to strengthen bonds between its members.  NOVA Women’s Chapter members celebrated the day and their renewal with a Lord’s Day supper immediately following the program.