Doing the Right Thing in Business and Government

The Northern Virginia Men’s and Women’s Chapters sponsored a seminar, Doing the Right Thing in Business and Government Seminar, on February 2, 2016 at Maggiano’s Little Italy, in McLean, VA.  The seminar had 103 people register.

The speakers included Mark Lytle, Assistant U. S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia and Bill Colegrove, CEO of aspenhome™ Furniture and Furniture Values International.

(Mark Lytle, Bill Dalgetty, Bill Colegrove)

Mr. Lytle described the impact of corruption on society, how otherwise good people get involved, a case study of the Congressman Jefferson case, and what people can do to avoid being ensnared in corruption themselves.  One of the highlights was a video of the actual transfer of $100,000 from an undercover agent to Congressman Jefferson at the Pentagon City Mall.

Mr. Colegrove shared how his commitment to Jesus Christ guided his company’s decisions not to lay off employees during the 2008 financial downturn, and his determination to successfully seek justice in Communist China’s court system over a huge breach of contract, costing his company multi-millions of dollars. He concluded that better ethical outcomes take place when people are motivated to do the right thing as a result of their relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ in contrast to relying only on a regimen of rules and consequences.

Bill Dalgetty, past president of CIC and moderator, said, “We were very pleased with the number of people who attended and the makeup of the audience, which included representatives from four different Christian workplace ministries and three officials from the Arlington Catholic Diocese – a nice example of Christian unity.”

Here is some of the feedback from those who attended:

  • “A good understanding regarding the criminal justice process and a better understanding of the importance of being ethical and having a Christ-like approach in the work place.”
  • “We all answer to Jesus Christ so don't join the fold because everyone else is doing it.”
  • "I was impressed by Bill Colegrove’s trust in prayer to face an almost insurmountable situation.”
  • "My key takeaway was the importance of building bonds with other believers who are committed to serving and representing Christ in the workplace.”
  • “Don't be afraid to do the right--ethical--thing.”
  • “Seek God first and trust in him through all trials and blessings.”
  • “Not only were the speakers good, the time of fellowship with other Christian business people was simply outstanding.”
  • “Inspirational!”
  • “Impacting workplace culture" was considered to be the most important issue facing those who completed our evaluation.

Read the press coverage by the Arlington Catholic Herald newspaper,30914