Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Christians in Commerce?

Christians in Commerce (CIC) is a nonprofit ecumenical Christian ministry of lay men and women working together to bring Christ to the workplace. It is made up of men’s and women’s chapters across the continental United States. There is a men’s chapter and a women’s chapter in Uganda, Africa as well.

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Christians in Commerce, an Ecumenical Ministry

Christians in Commerce (CIC) is an ecumenical ministry, meaning CIC brothers and sisters are often from many Christian denominations. We acknowledge and respect the differences among those backgrounds and we respect the individuals in their particular denominational beliefs.

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What are chapters?

CIC Chapters are local groups of men and women. Chapters meet on a weekly basis for prayer, talks, and praise and worship. Meetings occur in restaurants, hotels, offices, church buildings - whatever is convenient for the group. Christians in Commerce is designed to allow the efforts to be adapted for the local needs, while providing a core structure that has been proven over time in a variety of situations. The goal is to allow the organization to fit itself to what the Lord is doing locally.

Where are your chapters located?

View our Local Chapters page to find the one nearest you.

What are Challenge Groups?

Challenge Groups are small groups within a chapter of four or more men or women who meet periodically to go deeper in their Christian formation, relationships and prayer in order to more fully live out the vision of Christians In Commerce.

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What is the Challenge Weekend?

The Challenge Weekend, conducted for men and women separately, is a retreat-style weekend that enables participants to look at their lives from the perspective of God’s vocation for us individually and collectively. It examines our life in view of the practical aspects of the world and our workplaces. These weekends are conducted by members of Christians in Commerce. The Weekend consists of eight brief talks followed by periods of reflection and small-group discussions.

View our Upcoming Events to find a Challenge Weekend scheduled in your area. If you are interested in sponsoring a weekend, please contact us.

What is Hope for the Workplace?

Hope for the Workplace outlines the call to make a real difference in today’s business world. It consists of three talks. Facilitated small group work session apply what you learn into situations and help you generate action ideas for going forward in your cities. The seminar can be conducted in a public setting like a hotel or for a church interested in helping its members have a greater impact on their workplaces. Christians in Commerce provides speakers and facilitator training for the seminar.

Get more information on Hope for the Workplace or hosting a seminar. For a list of currently scheduled seminars, visit our Upcoming Events page.

What is the Challenge Newsletter?

The Challenge Newsletter is a monthly publication that provides insights and reflections on living a life of faith in the workplace. It includes personal stories about CIC members being Christ in the workplace, weekly reflections on scriptures and other news articles about the organization, chapter activities and members. The newsletter may be accessed online or via snail mail.

Who can receive the Challenge Newsletter?

Everyone is eligible to receive our newsletter. Any member or non-member who completes a commitment form is automatically added to the mailing list.

How do I receive notification that the Challenge Newsletter is available online?

Join our e-mail list for notification that our monthly CIC Challenge Newsletter is available online.

What are Workday Christian Reflections?

Every Monday through Friday we e-mail a Workday Reflection to anyone who asks. These reflections may include a scripture applied to a workplace issue, or a firsthand account of how another Christian deals with a particular challenge in his or her workplace. These reflections will help you gain greater understanding of how you can be Christ in your workplace.

Do I have to be a CIC member to receive the Workday Reflections?

No. The Workday Reflections are open to both members and non-members alike.

How do I sign up to receive the Workday Reflections?

Subscribe to the Workday Reflections.

What is the Christians in Commerce Annual Conference?

The Annual Conference is a yearly gathering of Christians in commerce from across the country and Uganda. Brothers and sisters come together for a weekend of praise and worship, talks, testimonies, workshops and Christian fellowship.

Who can attend the Annual Conference?

All are welcome to attend the Annual Conference, non-members as well as members of Christians in Commerce.

What is the privacy policy for Christians in Commerce?

Christians in Commerce has the following privacy policy.

Does Christians in Commerce have logoed apparel?

In order to further increase our visibility and affect a larger surface area, we are providing you with the opportunity to purchase items of clothing that display our CIC logo. View our catalog.

Is Christians in Commerce involved in any non-religious charitable activities?

CIC’s non-religious charitable works involve providing services, regardless of the religious beliefs of those involved and without proselytizing. Some of those activities and works would include funding wells in Uganda, helping with local community projects, and serving at local community food banks.