Important Announcement

As part of the name and brand transition from Christians in Commerce to WorkLight, there is continued work and updates being done to the new website (

Currently the team is working to include the important history of Christians in Commerce and add all elements from the old website ( These changes will be completed by August 31, 2021. Once all changes have been made and elements from the old website have been moved and/or transitioned, the WorkLight team has scheduled to close the site down and reroute the site to directly.

To remind our long-time members and community, nothing is changing in the vision, mission, or values of Christians in Commerce. WorkLight extends and brings to life what we have been doing together since 1983. WorkLight is designed to tell the stories of Christ in the workplace, reaching further generations of coworkers in Christ.

For Chapters or members who have documents saved to the Document Repository you will still be able to find and access these documents on current website until 8/31/2021. We are also currently working on moving these important documents to the new website in a public folder and will share the info as soon as it is ready. Please stay tuned for more information and instruction.

This movement has never been about just building a ministry or organization. Rather we wish to help spark a movement of the Holy Spirit. The name WorkLight emphasizes our mission and encompasses all traditions, occupations, and positions. It’s the call to be the light of Christ in the world, especially in the workplace.

Questions? Please contact us at