Kamwenge Marriage and Family Renewal - May 4-10, 2015

From May 4th to 10th a Christians in Commerce (CIC) Marriage and Family Renewal program took place in Kamwenge, with over thirty (30) couples in attendence.  It was a very successful program. Glory be to God.

Two couples from that locality approached our Uganda CIC Chapter President, Aloysius Mugisa and requested that CIC does a Marriage and Family Renewal program there. They informed him that there was a lot of domestic violence and child negligence there.

At the end of March, they held a meeting to plan for this mission. They agreed to send three couples to facilitate the program. Through the their local Challenge Group in that area and through our Evangelical radio program they publicized the program and sent out invitations to couples.

A couple from their Service Council went a day ahead of the team to ensure that the food, chairs, mattresses and everything was in place. On the morning of May 4th, the three couples started a two hours journey to the venue. The program was started that evening with twenty three (23) couples and seven (7) couples joined us the next morning.

The mood was low in the first three days as many couples looked not to be happy with their spouses. After they talked about God’s divine design for marriage and family, and after they had talked about love and forgiveness in marriage, they lightened up. By the end of the week, couples were evidently happy and gave moving testimonies. Twenty four (24) of them said they had never attended a program of that kind.

One man said:  ‘My wife and I have not been friends.  I have been a problem in her life and so has she in my life. I blame her for almost everything and she does the same to me. Our marriage has been a hell of a blame-game, but now I am going to exchange blame for tolerance and make my wife my friend’.

Another man said that 'he and his wife had never laughed together since they got married'. He said he remembered many incidences of quarreling and fighting physically but not one incidence of rejoicing and celebrating. He then said, ‘I am going to clean my house and my marriage. I cannot continue living in this hell’ .

There was a lady who said that Christians in Commerce was an angel God sent to unchain her like he did Paul and Silas in Prison. She said that was the second time she and her husband have attended such a program, and their marriage is renewed.  She said, ‘now we can talk and my husband can listen, we can discuss and reach a mutual agreement, we are now happy’. 

Aloysius Mugisa concluded with, 'we left that place on May 10th afternoon very happy that the Lord had used us to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Glory, Glory to God, and long live Christians in Commerce.'