Kasura Family and Marriage Seminar - July 6-7, 2013

The Christians in Commerce Kasura Family and Marriage Seminar on July 6-7, 2013 was the first of its kind in that area.  A couple who had been coming to our chapter meetings from that area requested me to do a couples’ seminar in his church.  With the funds given us by the CIC Offices we organized a couples’ seminar.  All the participants were full couples save for one woman whose husband was unable to come.  Among the teachings we gave was: Gods Plan for marriage and Family.  Communicating Love in Marriage, bearing with and Forgiving each other in Marriage, Couple communication and Couple Prayer.

The seminar was characterized by talks, couple time, husbands’ group discussions wives’ group discussion and husbands and wives group discussion.  For lack of rooms, husband slept in one hall and their wives in another hall. The participants, thirty eight couples, were very happy for the program and requested that we make it regular to take place every three months.  The eldest couple at the seminar had been married for forty years while the youngest had been married for two years.

In one testimony a husband said that he was more inclined to blaming his wife than thanking her for doing well.  He said he was going to appreciate more and criticize less.  Another man said that he was happy to learn that making his wife happy is painstaking. He said he was going to start making sacrifices to make his wife happy.

One lady, in a testimony, said that she had been held in a revenge game. She said she thought the only way to change her husband was to hurt him back whenever he hurt her.  She said she’d leant that evil does not take away evil.  Another lady said that she’d not been doing enough to communicate love to her husband.  She said she was going to use the teaching to show her husband love.

One man took us aside and told us: my marriage is at the brink of collapse but I think if my wife and I practice what you have taught us we shall have peace.

Our outreach to Kisongi for a challenge weekend is also going to be the first of its kind.  In CIC ministry we believe in breaking new ground.  I approached the parish priest and suggest to him doing a challenge weekend in Kisongi church.  He was very excited and said “why not? you are partners with us in evangelization.  He had heard a lot about CIC especially from our weekly radio evangelical programs.  He linked us with the catechist and they started running announcements in the church inviting people for a challenge weekend. We have been told that close to a hundred people have registered.  We have formed 2 facilitating teams and we shall divide this group into two so that everyone will have a chance to share.