Kigaaraale Marriage and Family Seminar - July 10-12, 2013

Kigaaraale Marriage and Family Seminar held July 10-12, 2013 was very successful. There were 51 couples in attendance. Twenty of them said that they had  over the radio that Christians in Commerce was putting up a Marriage and Family Seminar and they came. A pregnant woman who was overdue; she had been pregnant for eleven months, gave birth at this seminar. She delivered very normally and she was attended to by the women who had come to the seminar. She delivered at night, and  because it was very cold, the women made a huge bonfire to keep the baby and the mother warm.

One of the participants said that during couple-time he discovered that his spouse's love language was words of affirmation, and he promised to say them to his wife every day.

Another participant said that since he had got married 18 years back he had never had such practical teaching on Marriage and Family Life. He said he was going to mobilize the couples in his church to attend such a seminar.